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At Lansdowne Dental Arts, we deliver high-quality smile transformations in an encouraging environment. Our goal is to restore function and improve self-confidence by creating healthy, natural smiles.

See some incredible before and after results of patients just like you!

Smile Gallery

Full Mouth Reconstruction

We helped this patient address severely damaged teeth with custom veneers and dental crowns. This transformation improved both smile esthetics as well as functions during eating and speaking.

This patient had crowns and veneers that were breaking and chipping. They also suffered from receding gums. We replaced both upper and lower crowns and veneers to bring back their healthy and natural teeth.

Our patient dreamed of a beautiful smile for their daughter’s wedding. We placed 6 veneers, carefully designing the treatment plan to maintain the natural and harmonious balance of their overall facial features and smile.
This patient was dealing with old veneers and crowns that were chipping and breaking. We placed 10 veneers to improve the smile’s color and shape. We were also able to correct the canting of the midline.


Our patient had severely stained and damaged front teeth. We designed and placed 10 custom veneers to drastically improve their smile and self-confidence.
We enjoyed helping this patient get their smile wedding day ready! We placed 4 custom-designed veneers, correcting the length, color, and orientation of the teeth for a picture-perfect smile.
This patient didn’t like the look of their existing veneers and the spacing between their teeth. We placed new, custom-designed veneers to correct the size, alignment, and color of their smile.
Our patient had many old, large composite restorations which affected smiling. We placed 3 veneers, dramatically improving the color, shape, and health of their smile!

This patient was dealing with severely stained front teeth, making them feel self-conscious. We designed and added 2 veneers, improving color and matching other teeth. Now the patient can smile freely and naturally.

Our patient had dental trauma and broke 2 existing veneers. We placed 2 new veneers, designed to perfectly match the existing ones.

Dental Bridges and Crowns

Dental Bridge

This patient had missing front teeth and didn’t want to get an implant. Instead, we restored their smile and health with a natural-looking ceramic bridge.

Dental Crowns

This patient had discolored and chipped front teeth after root canal treatment. We placed 4 same-day ceramic crowns to improve esthetics and strength.

Dental Implants & All-on-X

Dental Implants

This patient was playing tennis and knocked out a front tooth. We extracted a remaining root and grafted the site to enhance bone condition. An implant and crown were placed after a few months to restore their smile.


Our patient had neglected their oral health for a long period due to overseas services. We planned everything digitally and extracted, placed implants, and provided temporary fixed hybrid dentures the same day. After a few months of healing, we delivered the final permanent prosthesis.


After losing and damaging many teeth due to heavy grinding and clenching, this patient was looking for a comprehensive, fixed solution. We were able to extract, place implants, and deliver a temporary fixed hybrid denture on the same day. The final beautiful hybrid denture was delivered after a few months of healing.

“Best dental office! Your experience from the beginning to end will be EXCEPTIONAL!

Huda K.

“Dr. Jun H. Chung gave me a most beautiful smile. He is truly an artist and has an amazing team to support him. I highly recommend Lansdowne Dental Arts!”
Niki L.

“The best dental office I’ve ever been to. Dr. Jun H. Chung and his staff are amazing. Most dental offices I have been with have often surprised me with large-sum costs after I had finished my appointment. Dr. Jun H. Chung’s office, however, is very upfront with costs.”
Fulvia D.

A better experience through better technology

Our office has invested in the latest technology to ensure that our patients understand exactly what’s going on in their mouths. We put advanced techniques, materials, and training to work to deliver smile transformations that are safe, accurate, and minimally invasive while reducing chair time and discomfort.

Giving you more reasons to smile

Award-winning Team

Dr. Jun H. Chung has extensive experience in smile transformations and provides exceptional care.

Unparalleled Warranty

We stand behind our work and are dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

Flexible Payment Options

We offer a range of simple payment options to make dental care accessible and affordable.

Patient Comforts

Enjoy amenities designed for a positive treatment. Netflix, YouTube, music, you got it.

“I have been a patient here for a few years now and am thankful for Dr. Jun H. Chung and his team. Their expertise and professionalism are second to none and worthy of 5 stars. On top of that, they are so friendly. I’ve always hated going to the dentist…. but they make it so easy and really go the extra mile to ensure comfort during treatment. My whole family goes there now. You won’t be disappointed!”

— Carrie B.

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